Boosting Reading Speed Effectively: Tools and Tips for success


In today’s digital age, increasing reading speed becomes more important than ever. As we are surrounded by a substantial amount of information, everyone is looking for techniques to absorb it more quickly. What then is the answer? Speed reading! More than just a race through the pages, it’s a strategy that blends pace with understanding. Proficient use of speed reading techniques ensure that you don’t just truly understand the material in hand but also save your time. So, in this article, we will discuss strategies for boosting reading speed effectively, explore its basics and highlight sophisticated techniques.

Understanding the basics

It is important to understand the basics of speed reading techniques before diving deeper into the practice. So what exactly is speed reading? It’s a set of strategies and eye-movement techniques designed to enhance reading speed and comprehension at the same time. In short, it’s reading smartly, not just quickly. But there is a common misconception that speed reading is a natural skill. In reality, everyone can improve their reading speed with regular practice and appropriate methods.

As we understand, our eyes and brain play an important role in reading. Our eyes pick up specific words, while skimming or scanning, and send them to the brain for rapid processing. Experienced speed readers train their eyes to capture more information in fewer glances, therefore increasing their overall speed. The secret is to strike a balance between eye movements and actual comprehension.

Techniques of boosting reading speed effectively

Increasing reading speed doesn’t mean rapidly skimming through text; rather, it means applying proven methods to make every second count. Here are some essential tactics to get you started:

Skimming and scanning

These two methods are cornerstone strategies of speed reading. While scanning helps in locating the specific information, skimming includes swiftly going over the text to grasp the main idea. Keep in mind, the goal is to capture the essence of information, not to cover every single detail. Your ability to switch between these two strategies will definitely help in boosting reading speed effectively.

Information chunking

Instead of reading one word at a time, try grouping or chunking the words. Consequently, this technique will reduce your overall eye movement and makes reading more efficient. It’s like seeing the words as meaningful clusters and improving speed and understanding at once.

Minimizing Subvocalization

Can you Think of That little voice reading loud in your head? Now it’s time to quieted down. Although Subvocalization is quite natural, but it frequently slows down our reading pace. Practicing silent reading can encourage your brain to recognize words without inner narration and Subvocalization.

Using guides and pointers

You can direct your eyes with the help of your fingers or a pen. Pointing the text can help you avoid backtracking and maintain a steady pace. It is a simple but effective technique for maintaining eye focus and track.

Using these simple tactics can transform your reading experience, boosting reading speed effectively and retaining important information. Don’t forget, the key is to improve your skills over time and find what works best for you.

Speed reading Apps

It’s impossible to exclude such apps while discussing speed reading techniques in today’s digital era. Like any other skill, fast reading requires regular practice and patience. So, speed readings apps provide a platform for speed reading exercises, focusing on eye movements, skimming and scanning techniques. Moreover, they help to measure reading speed, retention and understanding to track improvement. So, here is a list of best reading apps we find useful:

  • 7 speed reading: It offers a variety of tools, exercises and training materials to enhance the reading speed and comprehension.
  • Blinkist: It can condense books to short summaries that can be read and listened in just 15 minutes. It is best to quickly gain insights from a book when time is short.
  • Spreeder: Using RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) method, it allows users to upload their text and read at a preferred speed, helping to enhance reading speed and comprehension.

Speed reading books

If you want to deeply explore this subject or master the speed reading techniques, here are a few recommended readings:

Even though many speed reading methods are universally acknowledged. However, every author offers a unique twist or perspective that can be especially helpful to certain readers. Furthermore, importance of practice and patience is undeniable when looking to boost reading speed effectively.

Challenges and solutions of speed reading techniques

Although increasing reading speed sounds promising, but it is not without challenges. Knowing these difficulties and having plans in place can make a big difference.

Challenges in fast reading

  • Over-Skimming and missing important details.
  • Struggling between comprehension and reading speed.
  • Getting overwhelmed with condense technical or academic texts.
  • Difficulties with online contents due to pop-ups and distractions.

Solutions and Tips

  • Avoid Over-skimming: Practice and learn when to skim or when to explore deeply.
  • Technical and academic documents: Explore abstracts, headings and conclusion first. Then read the sections require deeper understanding.
  • Practice regularly: The more you practice, the better you get. Use speed reading tools and apps to exercise faster reading and track improvement.
  • Stay calm: The key is not only to read faster but also to understand and retain information at once. It’s ok to slow down if needed.

To sum up, increasing reading speed gives you an advantage over colleagues and fellow students. Moreover, you can save your valuable time while reading faster and retaining information better with the correct methods. However, it takes time and practice to understand basics and master advance tactics. So, are you prepared to transform the way you read? Don’t forget to share your progress and let us know the strategy that worked best for you.

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