Must-Reads for This Winter: Top 5 Books to Cozy Up With


With its long nights and cold embrace, winter becomes a perfect season to immerse in gripping tales. At this time, the chill in the air makes us yearn for a cozy corner, warm blanket, and a captivating story to curl up with. So, having a favorite book can turn these moments into magical experience. Among the plethora of books available, a selected few stand out to offer an ideal winter escape. So today, we’ll discuss some Must-Reads for this winter, ensuring every page you turned will add to the season’s serenity. While snowflakes dance behind your windows, let these books weave their magical realms, warming not only your body, but also your soul.

“Someone Else’s Shoes” by Jojo Moyes:

With her poignant tales, Jojo Moyes has caused quite a stir in the Literary Community. Renowned for “Me Before you” series, she is a name synonymous with complex characters and heart-touching plots. “Someone Else’s Shoes” is another outstanding work that deserves a spot in your winter reads collection. In addition to a compelling story, the book also explores issues of societal expectations, identity and resilience. Moreover, Moyes emphasizes how unexpected twists can force people into profound transformation.

Plot Overview

One of our most recommended Must-Reads for this winter, “Someone Else’s Shoes” revolves around Nisha Cantor, once a wealthy woman facing unexpected financial crisis due to an imminent divorce. Then, after mistakenly swapping her gym bag, she unexpectedly meets Sam kemp, a woman with her own struggles. This minor confusion becomes transformative. As they slip into each other’s shoes, they get invigorated with newly found confidence, leading to a journey of self-reflection for both women.

“The Glass Hotel” by Emily ST. John Mandel

Best Known for “Station Eleven,” Emily ST. John Mandel has graced readers with another literary gem. “The Glass Hotel” is a testament of her skill, crafting a story perfect for anyone seeking book recommendations for this winter.


Set against the luxurious background of the hotel Caiette, the plot introduces us to a bartender, Vincent. The night she meets Jonathan Alkaitis, a menacing note appear on the hotel’s glass wall. At the same time, a financial charade by Alkaitis shatters in Manhattan, taking down many fortunes with it. As the story progress, a number of events lead to a woman’s mysterious disappearance from a ship. The story jumps between wealth and misfortune, revealing the facades people erect and the secrets they hide.

“Once Upon A River” by Diane Setterfield

Author of the New York Times Bestselling novel “The Thirteenth Tale,” Diane Setterfield is a British novelist known for her enchanting tales. Continuing her tradition of weaving lingering narratives, she comes with yet another mesmerizing novel, “Once Upon a River”. Offering a perfect blend of mystery and charm, the book stands tall among the top Page-Turners for this chilly season.

Plot Summary

At an old inn by the Thames, a shocking incident occurs on a spooky midwinter’s night. The natives, immersed in their stories, are interrupted when a stranger enters the inn, carrying what seems to be a lifeless child. However, despite of all the odds, the child manages to breathe after a few hours. This inexplicable revival set a framework for an engrossing mystery. Who is she? Where does she come from? The difference between myth and reality blurs, as the river community digs deeper and uncovers a myriad of potential truths.

“Anxious People” by Fredrik Backman

Well-respected in literary community, Fredrik Backman is a Swedish writer, blogger and columnist. His books are published in more than 40 countries and translated in more than 25 languages. “A man Called Ove,” “Britt-Marie Was Here,” and “Beartown” are some of the outstanding works from his pen. His books never stop to charm the audience and “Anxious People” is no exception. Especially, if you’re looking for a book to spend these frosty months, “Anxious People” may provide a cozy reading experience.


Can you imagine a scenario where a failed bank robbery becomes the least of your worries? This is the weird situation that some strangers find themselves in. When the said bank robber takes refuge at an apartment open house, usually a peaceful event, things quickly get chaotic. While grappling their personal demons, the attendees suddenly become hostages. However, as the hours pass, it becomes clear that this isn’t just a tale about crime; it’s about human connections, regrets, and shared anxieties.

“Red at the Bone” by Jacqueline Woodson

The author of nearly 30 books, Jacqueline Woodson always captivates readers with her poignant tales.  After “Brown Girl Dreaming” and “Another Brooklyn,” “Red at the Bone” also confirms her ability to weave heart-touching narratives. So, it’s difficult to ignore her novels while compiling our list of Must-Reads for this winter.


“Red at the Bone” is a gripping tale of love, family ties and the weight of the past. The novel revolves around two families against the backdrop of pivotal events in American history, particularly the Tulsa race massacre. When an expected teenage pregnancy binds them together, their destinies collide. As the story progresses, Woodson deftly reveals the secrets, regrets and dreams of each character. It finally leads to a greater understanding of identity, social expectations and the legacy of decisions made across generations. Also, it reminds the readers to learn from past threats and shape the present.

To sum up, when cold winds pick up and cozy nights beckon, there’s nothing like diving into a gripping tale. The books we shared, from the tragic narratives of Moyes to intricate webs constructed by Woodson, are indeed Must-Reads for this winter. These stories offer not just entertainment but also a profound reflection on our lives, decisions and social interactions. So, grab your copies and let them warm your soul even on coldest winter nights. And don’t forget to share your favorite books to help other readers to decide their next read.

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