Sarah Janet Maas: The Enchantress of Epic Tales


Have you ever read a book that left you completely enchanted? Well, Chances are that it is written by our favorite author Sarah Janet Maas (Best known as Sarah J. Maas). Her books, especially bestsellers “Throne of Glass” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses”, hold a special place in fantasy, captivating reader’s all-over the world. And how can we forget her latest masterpiece “Crescent City”? A blend of urban life with mystical elements.: Plunging into her books can lead you to a fascinating world full of unforgettable characters and interesting plots. So, if you want to explore her magical realm, you’re definitely in for a treat!

Beginning: The Maas Phenomenon

But how did this talented writer begin her journey? Sarah grew up with the passion for tales, much like the ones she would write later. Interestingly, she started to write her first book just at the age of sixteen. Then, she tasted her first literary Fame with the “Throne of glass,” a story she shared on, instead of a grand publishing house. Imagine a book that born on a website and becomes a global sensation. Today, her books have a worldwide readership, translated into more than 37 languages, and selling in jaw-dropping numbers. Quite a phenomenon, right?

Sarah J Maas notable works

Let’s have a quick glance on most popular books of Sarah Janet Maas. These books revolve around magical world but offer real emotions: empowerment, resilience and true beauty of love.

Throne of Glass

The plot follows Celaena Sardothien, a feared assassin, but now finds herself imprisoned. However, a chance for freedom soon appears. The king offers her a deal: face other expert fighters, win, and become a royal assassin. With the new friendships forming and dangers lurking around each corner, she must decide where her true allegiance lies. Furthermore, As Celaena explore the Palace and uncovers its dark secrets, the story becomes more interesting, filled with unexpected twists and heart-pounding moments. Books included in Throne of Glass series:

Throne of Glass Short Stories

before we proceed, why not look at the backstories of the world Sarah expertly crafted?

A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) Series

In this Series, Sarah introduces us to a young huntress, Feyre, who mistakenly kills a Faerie wolf in the woods. So a beast like monster, Tamlin takes her to a magical place as a punishment. As the story progress, Feyre discovers that Tamlin is not a beast but high Fae lord. She finds herself attracted to Tamlin in the midst of looming curse and increasing dangers. However, as the secrets disclose, she has to decide whether to save her love and his world or find a way back to home. Inspired by beauty and beast, Sara J. Maas has combined sacrifice, magic and love to craft this unforgettable tale. ACOTAR contains five books listed below:

Crescent City Series

This time, Sarah takes us to Crescent city, where humans, angels, fae, and other beings peacefully coexist. The story weaves around Bryce Quinlan, whose friend Danika and their pack are brutally killed. As the murderer attacks again, Bryce, with help of a fallen angel, Hunt, starts to search the city’s underbelly to find the killer. Just like the other books of SJ Maas, this urban fantasy is full of magic, dangers, love and bravery. The series consists of two books:

A glimpse beyond Sarah’s books

Sarah Janet Maas (born on March 5, 1986 in New York city) is an American writer and New York times bestselling author. Her passion for writing was obvious when she decided to pursue a degree in creative writings from Hamilton College. After graduating in 2008, Sarah started her journey as a writer from before contracting to Bloomsbury in 2010. However, more than just a popular author, Sarah is a devoting wife and caring mother. She now lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Josh, her son, Taren, and of course, her dog. For more information and updates, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Upcoming books of Sarah J Maas

Readers, hold on, as Sarah isn’t stop captivating us yet. Her next masterpiece, third book in crescent city series, House of Flame and Shadow is expected to fill the shelves on January 30, 2024. Already up for preorder, fans are excited to return to vibrant city Sarah crafted so expertly. Additionally, rumors suggest that “A Court of Thorns and Roses” can also expand. So, if you’re fan of SJ Maas, get ready for more magical twists and epic tales.

To conclude, Sarah J. Maas stands out among the best fantasy authors of our times. Moreover, her popularity is increasing with each new release. What makes her stories more interesting, is not only the magical worlds but also the real emotions and challenges of the characters. So, which is your favorite SJM book and character? Share it with us in comment box below! And hey, do you have a favorite writer you want to read about?

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Sarah Janet Maas: The Enchantress of Epic Tales